Tuesday, March 3, 2009

KINATONIC Ingredient Series 1 - Ecklonia Radiata Seaweed

Ecklonia Radiata Seaweed

Selected as a prime Kinatonic ingredient due to its deep rooting growth habit thereby extracting minerals and elements from the rocks it inhabits to a larger degree than other seaweeds found here at Waimarama.

Minerals and Trace Elements of Ecklonia Radiata

Boron 3.7 ppm 
Iron 6ppm
Calcium 80 ppm 
Phosphorous 35ppm
Magnesium 70ppm 
Potassium 98ppm
Manganese 0.58ppm 
Selenium 0.09 ppm
Cobalt 12ppm 
Sodium 350 ppm
Copper 26ppm 
Sulphur as Sulphate 175ppm
Iodine 108 ppm 
Zinc 31ppm
Nitrogen 0.04ppm 
Alginates 625 gm/kg
Vitamins: Vitamin A; B1; B2; B3; B5; C; E; Carotene; Choline: Pantoene
Amino Acids: Aspartate 5.171 Histidine 0.548 Glutamate 0.747 Phenylalanine 0.717 Asparagine 1.141Proline 0.683 Glutamine 0.733 Alanine 3.974 Serine 0.621 Arganine 0.583

* NB Ecklonia Radiata contains 20 of the known 21 amino acids however it is the vast range of complex elements contained in Seaweed that is the value – not the measure of individual constituents.

Reference (1) Dane Hobbs, USA, – Masters Degree in Ruminant NutritionReference (2) W.A. Stevenson, - Seaweed in Agriculture and Horticulture

So thats why we use this precious plant .... and here's when and how ...

Timing: We only harvest 'Stormthrown' seaweed. We live here in Waimarama and are highly conscious of our enviornment ....... as E.Radiata appears on the shore , we 'swoop' to gather what we need for Kinatonic , this may only happen 4 or 5 times a year after large Easterly storms with swell sets of 4 metres or more. Typically what we take is well less than 1% of what has been deposited on the shore from any one storm.

Collection: Kinatonic staff and friends drive carefully along the lowtide line gathering E.Radiata .. first 'rinsing' it in the sea to liberate any micro orgs that have made the plant home whilst on the beach , then load it onto to a trailer for immediate processing or drying for later use.

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