Saturday, March 7, 2009

Anna's pea straw garden going balistic on Kinatonic

My sister Anna prepared her no-dig-garden 20 days ago in their new house. She bought six bales of pea straw, positioned them in a sunny sheletered spot, hosed them down and let them 'cook' for ten days. Nine days ago she planted a mix of lettuce, greens, pak choi, rocket and flowers. Each plant was placed in its own tube of compost imbedded into the straw bale. And to finish of the planting, a beding in of 1:5 KINATONIC solution.

Two days later I get a call from Anna "Mark, Mark - you've got to come and see. The garden has really taken off!" Not the most scientific proof - especially with such a rich pea straw nitrogen start - but hey (forgive the pun) - passion makes a gardener.

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