Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ingredient Series 2: Vegetative Consuming Animal Manures

Four of Kinatonic's 10 ingredients are animal manures, sourced locally from Waimarama farms.
They are free range :
  • sheep, 
  • Cattle, 
  • Chickens and, 
  • Horses 
all contribute to our product.

Manure Materials

A wide variety of potential organic materials that can be used as mulching material, directly incorporated into soil (in some cases), or composted. Following are the attributes and composting qualities of a range of manures and other organic materials.

Type: Livestock Manure (note see below for stable manure)
Sources: Farms, stables (horses, cattle, sheep, poultry etc)
Attributes: High N, low C:N ratio, concentrated mineral nutrients (note: attributes change with age – old manure has usually lost much nitrogen and other leached/volatilised elements such as potassium and sulphur, and the material will have dried out becoming more concentrated on a fresh weight basis in some other nutrients).
Composting Notes: Use to balance high C:N materials. Manure is found to be particularly good at proting high composting temperatures. General Notes: Some manures can often come with sawdust or straw – see stable manure. Grazed livestock will have weed seeds in their manure, supplementary fed animals may have viable grains (e.g. oats) and especially intensively managed livestock may have high levels of animal health product residues such as anthelmentics, antibiotics etc as well as high levels of copper and zinc (potential heavy metal issues). Organic certification often requires that animal manure from off the property must be hot composted before application to certified land even iof the manure came from an organic property).

Specific Animal Sources:
  • Cattle Manure: often very moist (especially from dairy sheds) with potential odour issues so add to compost quickly. High in N.
  • Horse Manure: Low odour potential. Moderately high N content. Excellent for composting.
  • Poultry Manure: Very high in N and high pH therefore high odour potential from ammonia.
  • Sheep Manure: High in N but not bad for odour potential. Usually collected from shearing sheds therefore some percentage of wool and reasonably dry.
Type: Stable Manure
Sources: Stables (e.g. horse, calves, pigs, poultry)
Attributes: combination of high C:N and low C:N materials, varying according to concentration of the sawdust or straw material
Composting Notes: Moderate N, low to moderately high C: N ratio, less concentrated mineral elements than manure. Stable straw will tend to compost quicker than stable sawdust with less nitrogen drawdown issues in the long term than can occur when using stable sawdust.
General Notes: Usually excellent composting material that can form the main basis of a compost heap.

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