Thursday, February 26, 2009

The first post!

KinaTonic, is an all natural, renewable blend of animal manures, E.Radiata seaweed, comfrey, and other green matter, as well as the sacred 'Kina', (a Sea Urchin found only in New Zealand waters). It has been developed using an age-old natural brewing method to produce a liquid foliar food that plants absolutely love.

Applied either directly to soil or as a foliar application , KinaTonic will condition the soil, supply nutrients direct to the plant and promote flowering and fruit set.

New Zealand Maori used Kina shells for centuries to enhance soil quality and improve crop yield and disease resistance before the advent of chemical fertlizers.

All our ingredients are sourced from the Waimarama (Waimaz) Beach area in Hawkes Bay  providing a low or nil 'carbon footprint' from truely renewable and sustainable all-natural inputs.

Our 'strap line' "Put More Pounds On Your Plants" says it all.

Kinatonic will be available commercially through selected channels later in 2009 , or earlier by emailing us to join the 'sneezer' trial. A touch of Waimaz Majik and Kina Logic will revolutionize your home garden.

I look forward to your comments and contributions.

With Love , C.Urchin , Waimaz , Hawkes Bay


  1. Dear C.Urchin. Great to hear of this new venture. I look forward to following your progress.

  2. Mary was here and very much enjoyed reading your blog!
    Thank You!!